Me, Myself, and I

I’m loud and free spirited. I’m proud, outgoing, and stubborn. I love with all of my being and wear most of my emotions on my sleeve. I stress myself out over little things. My children and my hubby are my whole world. I’m a loyal friend, sister, and daughter. I’m passionate and have a true Irish temper. I love everything that life has to teach me. I love classic movies and musicals. I’ve had a crush on Johnny Depp since I was about 13 and love Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.  I’m a vegan and an active treehugger. I’m heavily involved with the MS Society and think often of my wonderful mother Colleen who fought and lost her battle with the disease in 1993.  I love campfires and cooking outside. I love the smell of dirt and green just after the snow melts in spring and I love summer storms.  I love to dance and sing and I swear I was a saloon singer in a past life. I’m self conscience and genuinely like  to be liked. I have a tendency to insert my foot into my mouth way more often than I would like to admit and over analyze things  until I’m sick in the stomach. I love spicy food including Thai and Indian, I love Brick Road’s Vegan Surprise Pizza, and Wolfgangs Hazelnut Coffee. I love snuggling with my husband on the weekends when no alarm has to be set and my weekday does’t seem to begin unless my daughter crawls in bed for a morning snuggle before work and school. I love that my 20 year old son still hugs me goodnight and kisses me on the forehead. I love that he also writes poetry and lyrics and is genuine and thoughtful. I love that as I learn new things and meet new people, I evolve and so will this bio.

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