My Jessie Bessie

I have a pretty amazing family. We have shared many ups and downs over the years and quite frankly, we are a bit codependent on each other. Today however, I really need to put some positive words out to my sister and lets face it, writing is how I do things best. I will be the first to admit that face to face confrontation often makes me stumble with my words. My tongue gets tied up, I may cry, or simply lose my thoughts and say things I didn’t intend to. This way, I can put it out there for her to see and read over and over when the mood takes her and maybe some of you can cheer her on too. Sometimes, even the best and strongest of us need words of encouragement. So with that being said, onward I go.

My sister is just as loud as me, funny as hell, giving, emotional, loving, and one of my biggest cheerleaders in life. We have fought like cats and dogs, said hurtful things to each other that no one should be able to recover from, and loved each other unconditionally because that is precisely what sisters do. They are often the first to hurt you and the first to pick you up when you fall on your ass. They know the part of you that you don’t quite understand yourself. My sister also suffers from the middle child syndrome. We may joke about this, but it is real. She has had to not only be my little sister, but the big sister to our brother. She also takes the mothering role to a whole new level and will be the first person to check up on both of us. She is the glue that is always there to keep us together. She has the tendency to be the voice of reason when no one else wants to listen. She became the woman of the house when our Mom died and at the young age of fourteen, she took this role seriously. I will never try to understand what that must have felt like for her. Especially when I moved back into the house for almost a year with a toddler in tow. Our twenties were spent in a rocky state and we didn’t really find the strength of our friendship until the last eight years or so. I think it took us that long to truly see each other. To see not only our weaknesses, but to help each other boost our strengths.

Today, she is successful at an incredibly stressful job, helps to run a household with my fabulous brother in-law and is the stepmother to two amazing kids. I admire her for her ability to take life on even when she doesn’t want to. I love that she can bust out into song in the middle of a crowded store and not seem to be embarrassed. I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and I love that she can admit when she needs help. Asking for help is never as easy as it sounds. I love that she can be a bitch, I love that she is a daddy’s girl, I love her bravery and her ability to be honest with herself when she realizes that she is human and not Wonder Woman. I love her hugs. They make me feel whole. I love that she still likes going through my make-up or my bathroom cupboards in general just to see what I have. I love that she talks to Dad about his diet and health concerns. I guess where I’m going with this is to tell her that she’s needed. She’s loved beyond measure. The Ford Family quite frankly wouldn’t work without her and I don’t think I tell her these things often enough. We all are so used to going on about how amazing our Dad is I think we forget about each other. I think I may even have to write a separate post about my brother just to make things even. You know siblings, I have to be fair. Oh, and if any of you are jealous, I don’t blame you. My Jessie is pretty fabulous. She’s mine and I don’t share very well with others. : )