The Time Sucker Known as IMDB

So, last night I went to bed at a fantastic time, woke up feeling relaxed and ready to go today. Pushed the child out the door to school and promptly sat my ass down and started looking up things on IMDB. I had heard about a few movies coming out and wanted to check out the trailers for them.  I ended up putting The Greatest, The Other Woman, HannaLimitless, and Middle of Nowhere on my need to see list and then realized that 2 1/2 hours have gone by.  Now it’s onto bigger and better things, like deciding where I’d like to finally go to school. Yes, after almost 18 years, Steph is going to have a chance to buy new pencils and notebooks and maybe even a new backpack. If I’m really good maybe I’ll even get some new clothes.  I’ll keep you posted on this new adventure as it unfolds. Right now I need to figure out if I should go to GRCC, Davenport, or University of Phoenix.

I’m still fighting off this stupid cold, but its strength seems to be weakening.  Here’s to getting healthy. May the customers at work tonight be few and far between so I can sniffle in silence and kick out some returns.  On that note, I leave you with one of the latest Mike Bookseller Comics. Enjoy!

Feelin a bit sorry for myself

So, last week was my first week of Zumba and this week I didn’t go. This nasty bug has been kicking my ass.  Trying to ignore it seems to just piss it off.  I was in denial for at least a week, sniffled for another, had a fever off and on for the next two weeks and finally came into the cough portion of this shit. I went to the doctor yesterday just to make sure I didn’t have something worse. Last week I thought I could just sweat it out and be done with the BS.  I took a sick day yesterday and had today off.  Just so I didn’t feel like a total loser, I purged the hall closet and my cabinets in  the bathroom. My kitchen and office are the next two rooms to tackle. I hate being sick. I’m a brat and a whiner. 5k training starts next week bitch. Suck it up and get ready to go. Zumba, you’re mine next week! : )

Zumba Kicked My Ass, I Want More!!!

Here’s to a new blog. This is officially my first post and it’s a happy one. This Holiday Season has been a long and painful one. I can usually get through them with a bit of spirit in me, but this year it just wasn’t there.  We were understaffed at the bookstore and after working 13 years in retail, I think I have hit rock bottom. I felt a little dead inside. I didn’t make one cookie. It’s January 4th and I’m still trying to finish making gifts for some of my favorite people. I didn’t get pictures of the kids taken in time to put into the cards this year and family drama hit an all time high.

So, you may ask. How the hell is this post so damn happy? Am I missing something?  Why yes, there is something that has turned my attitude around. Zumba.

Back in November, I decided that I already knew that this was going to be a tough season this year. I looked through our local Parks and Recreation catalog and realized that I have been wanting to check out the fitness classes that were offered FOREVER, but my fear of working out in front of other people, stopped me before. Well, this time was it. This was the moment to kick my ass in gear and try something new. The description of Zumba was fairly simple.  “A fusion of Latin and international music.  This class combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations.”  I can TOTALLY do that! I have years of dance and cheerleading under my belt.  So, I went to youtube the see for myself what it was all about. Looks like a blast right? That video is tame to what we did tonight and I’m ready for more. Who needs antidepressants when there are workouts like this around.   Let’s see if I still feel the same way in the morning when the high has worn off and my muscles have decided to rebel against me. Signing out.